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Comm is an encrypted messaging app for communities

We extend Signal’s model of E2E encryption with personal servers to enable richer functionality.

See how Comm is different

Own your data with keyservers

Comm’s core innovation is the idea of the keyserver: a personal, private server.

E2E-encrypted apps today are limited because they have to do everything locally, on the user’s device. In contrast, unencrypted apps are able to rely on servers in the cloud to handle queries and background processing, in turn allowing these apps to support more sophisticated functionality.

But what if people had their own servers? Keyservers enable Comm to offer the best of both worlds: Signal-level privacy with a Telegram-level feature set.

Our story and vision

Comm was founded by Ashoat after his experiences trying to add E2E encryption to a social calendaring app exposed the limits of contemporary cryptographic approaches. He realized why E2E apps were so limited in functionality: the lack of a server layer meant that everything had to be done on a phone.

Comm’s vision is a world where people own their own data. We believe that in the future, everybody will have a server.

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