a mobile phone with customized dashboard screen

Comm is crypto-native chat for

(think "Web3 Discord")


Comm is a protocol paired with an app. Each community hosts its own backend, which we call a keyserver. Our keyserver software is built to be forked.


Write mini-apps and custom modules in React. Skin your community. Customize your tabs and your home page.


Comm started as a project to build a private, decentralized alternative to Discord. Privacy is in our DNA.


Log in with your ETH wallet. Use ENS as your username. On Comm, your identity and data are yours to control.

Open Source

All of our code is open source. Keyservers, iOS/Android app, our cloud services… all of it. We believe in open platforms.

Less Noisy

We let each user decide what they want to follow with detailed notif controls and a powerful unified inbox.