Reclaim your digital identity

The Internet is broken today. Private user data is owned by mega-corporations and farmed for their benefit.

E2E encryption has the potential to change this equation. But it’s constrained by a crucial limitation.

Apps need servers.

Sophisticated applications rely on servers to do things that your devices simply can’t.

That’s why E2E encryption only works for simple chat apps today. There’s no way to build a robust server layer that has access to your data without leaking that data to corporations.

Comm is the keyserver company.

In the future, people have their own servers.

Your keyserver is the home of your digital identity. It owns your private keys and your personal data. It’s your password manager, your crypto bank, your digital surrogate, and your second brain.


What’s a keyserver?

Comm uses the term “keyserver” to refer to a personal, private server. It’s worth admitting that the more common usage of the term is for a server that vends keys in the context of enterprise key management… you may get confused if you Google it!

Where does a keyserver run?

That’s up to you! You can run a keyserver in the cloud, or on personal hardware (such as a spare laptop) at home. What’s important is that keyserver is always available: turned on and connected to the Internet.

How do I run my own keyserver?

Comm is still in beta, and as such it’s only possible to run a keyserver using our Docker Compose config. If you’re sufficiently technical, check out this doc to give it a try.

What happens if my keyserver is lost?

In the future, Comm will automatically back up all of your keyserver’s data. Right now your best bet is to configure manual backups of the underlying database, which are explained in this doc.

What else can I do with my keyserver?

Hosting chat communities is just the start. Your keyserver is your personal cloud, and in the future it can be your password manager, your file storage, your email server, and your crypto wallet. Stay tuned!

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